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08 Feb

Alcott scoprite i segreti della sua Estate 2012

Iole» Mercoledì 8 Febbraio alle ore 09:41


E’ piena di colore e nasconde un’anima sportiva, la collezione estiva 2012 di Alcott.

Destinata ai giovani che hanno voglia di vivere la ‘follia americana’ pur indossando capi di qualità e con ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo, Alcott saluta l’estate con diverse proposte, tutte molto croccanti.

Per le ragazze è tempo di jeans color sorbetto e t-shirt zuccherose, shorts di jeans e abiti multi-nuances.

Per i ragazzi, invece, si punta sullo street style, che fa una puntatina allo stile da barca, tra maglie a righe e pantaloni al ginocchio.

Per un’estate che -come sempre- vorremmo non finisse mai…

foto courtesy of Alcott


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  1. Not a comment on your obtgnole, Jeff just an historical note which may be of interest. Bronson Alcott was born here in Connecticut, a few towns away from me. He came here to Cheshire in the 1830s to teach in a new school. There was already a school here, Cheshire Academy, then named the Episcopal Academy of Cheshire.Alcott was, as you note, an educational reformer. Among the innovations he practiced in his one-room, 30 x 30 , schoolhouse were:- assigning tasks to students such as providing firewood and keeping the fire going- having the older children teach the younger onesThis was to teach them responsibility and to tap their potential for growth. But his most unconventional practice was possibly this: having students write down their memories of what it was like for them before they were born. He collected them and published them in a book entitled HOW LIKE AN ANGEL I CAME DOWN. Imagine that: kids recalling the bardo state.Alcott quickly got parents and townspeople upset with his unconventional ways and strange views. He lasted only two years, and then was in effect run out of town by not renewing his contract to teach. From here he went to Massachusetts, where he found a more congenial climate and rose to be superintendent of schools for, I think, Newton. He married and had a bunch of girls, including the famous author, Louisa May Alcott, author of LITTLE WOMEN, based on life with her sisters.

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